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When you want to wake up a tired bedroom scheme, a fresh coat of paint can put everything in a new light.

Wrap your bedroom in a luxurious coat of paint to give it—and you—a fresh perspective. To truly make your bedroom a place of your dreams, select colors that express your personal style. Benjamin Moore Natura® paints offer a vast range of color choices. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that this line is CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®.*

Popular Bedroom Colors

For an easy-going vibe in the bedroom, many gravitate toward cooler colors such as pale blues and greens. In this video, airy Instinct AF-575 and restorative Anjou Pear AF-425fulfill that quest for comfort and calm. As part of the Affinity Color Collection, both of these colors seamlessly mix and match with any one of the 144 colors in that collection–a great resource for color combinations in your bedroom.

There are also a broad range of neutrals and off whites that can create an equally tranquil space for the bedroom. Always popular paint colors Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Silver Fox 2108-50, both bring a polished, elegant mood to the bedroom. Refreshing and soft, Mellow Pink 2094-70 creates a haven of peace with light gray accents and crisp white textiles. And if you are interested in setting a rich, yet intimate vibe, deep navy Mysterious AF-565 delivers.

Rich, Gray Paint Meets Southern Charm

Having created a winning design combination of traditional architecture and modern lifestyle in a Charleston, SC showhouse, designer Mary Douglas Drysdale explains why Randolph Gray CW-85, from the Williamsburg Paint Color Collection, was the perfect choice for this stunning bedroom.

Mood Makers

Color has the power to change not only the look of a room, but also the ambiance. Do you need a boost to wake up or a cocoon to encourage relaxation? Before you decide on the best paint color for your bedroom, consider these basic facts: Warm colors add energy; cool hues create a more calming atmosphere. Saturated color will wrap you in a cozy environment, while pale shades conjure an airier feel.

Foolproof Paint Picks

When selecting paint colors for the bedroom take your cues from the fabrics used on bedding and window treatments. If you’re overwhelmed by color choices, try pulling a hue from a favorite fabric for a wall color that helps you achieve your design goals.

Quiet It Down

When selecting colors that will help you unwind, neutrals are a natural choice. But they need not be boring! Creamy whites, soft grays and warm umber hues can be used to create a quiet backdrop for colorful furnishings—perfect for those who like to switch up fabrics or accessories often.

The Fifth Wall

When it comes to paint decorating, the ceiling is often overlooked. While classic white is a perennial favorite, an unexpected color on the ceiling enhances the room's character. Given that this is your own personal space, consider getting a bit more creative with color on your bedroom ceiling, as seen here in Concord Ivory HC-12.

Should you opt for a lighter paint color on your ceiling, you'll enjoy an airy effect that can visually raise the ceiling. This is a great way to make the room look larger and taller, especially in a small room or a room with a lower ceiling. Simply paint the ceiling with a lighter shade, or a slight variation, of the wall color. Watch our how-to video for tips on painting a ceiling.


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